Henry S. Winokur is a Washington, DC native!

He attended schools in Montgomery County, until 10th grade.  In 1967, he switched from MCPS to Sandy Spring Friends School (’70), where he actively began to pursue his interest in photography.  While there, he had his own small darkroom and worked for the newspaper and yearbook. while being a full participant in all other school activities.

At Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, IA, Henry (’74) worked for the school’s yearbook, newspaper, and PR departments while fully participating in college life.  He photographed all aspects of life at a small liberal arts institution.  For his senior thesis, he did a massive photo restoration project for the Iowa State Historical Society, the results of which were displayed in the Iowa State Capital building in Des Moines in the spring of 1974.  The film and prints were all processed with then-accepted-archival processing standards.  All of the images were mounted to then-accepted-standards of archival mounting (acid-free materials). 

In the years since, Henry has always had a darkroom nearby, and worked mostly in black and white until late in his film experience.  Color printing, it turns out, isn’t easy if one doesn’t have a good “eye” for color correction.   From the beginning, Henry has been almost exclusively a 35mm photographer. 

In 2005 after 37 years as a SLR film user and prior to his first international motorcycle trip (to New Zealand), Henry made the switch to a digital single-lens-reflex (DSLR) camera and has not looked back.  His interests in photography are varied, and given the opportunity he will shoot—with a camera—just about anything. 

Henry feels that working digitally is much easier and yet much more difficult than film–all at the same time.  He is more than happy to discuss why that is, if you’d like.  See the contact form on the photo portion of the site.  He currently owns a semi-pro model camera, and 3 zoom lenses ranging in length from 16mm (wide-ish) to 300mm (long-ish). 

He is a big believer in printing images–and the bigger the better!  His printer is a pro-model Epson Ink jet which uses archival pigment inks.  It is capable of printing up to 17″ high and as long as they need to be.  Henry has an abiding interest in panoramic images which he creates by taking multiple images.  He has some panoramas that are over 12 feet long!.  Prints from his printer, properly mounted and taken care of will last considerably longer than he expects to–at least 100 years!

Henry has worked with Eliot Cohen as his  Photoshop/Lightroom instructor since 2005. He continues to work with Eliot on improving his skills with the software.  Henry has also traveled to some of Eliot’s photo workshops around the world,  visiting Zion NP (National Park), UT, the Valley of Fire (SP) in NV, the redwoods in northern California,  and the coast of southwestern Oregon, Olympic NP and peninsula in Washington, the Patagonia region in southern South America, Iceland and Greenland.  He plans to continue to travel as much as possible in the coming years. 

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In the future you can reach the photos portion of this site at   https://photos.henrywinokur.com.

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